Friday, December 21, 2012

Lesson 12: Mind Mining Part 1 - Fool's Gold

Eager to pick up the latest Robert Greene book, "Mastery", I embark on an afternoon trip to Barnes & Noble. Anticipating on spending minimal time inside, I pulled up to the door and left my engine running. Book in my clutches and credit card in hand I walk towards the register. Waiting in line, I feel a tab on my shoulder. Who could it be? I turn my head and see its my little cousin. He has been showing Savage potential since his early years of high school and most certainly has exceeded my expectations for him in college. Catching up with him, we talk about a broad range of topics; Grades, politics, clubs, family, and most importantly, marks. He tells me about two in particular; both of which were exceptional rips for the entire semester. He tells me that one has been more reluctant at dishing out the rips as the days passed: he's confused as to why. I tell him she's emotional and wants to gain more from him than just a smash. Understandable, it happens. The other is cool with whatever times she gets to spend with him. Contemplating on my own Super Savage past and also Being an expert on this situation, I feel like I'm able to offer words of Savage wisdom. He says that due to overall closeness in proximity of both marks, a decision must be made. The Young Savage proposes the idea of keeping them both. Knowing that a decision must be made, he tells me he is having a hard time choosing which mark to keep as his main and which one to keep on the side. The Young Savage then asks how does he know which mark deserves the title of "Main piece" and which one earns the title of the "Side piece".

All Savages should cop Mastery by my good friend Robert Greene to add to their library of Mackonomics

I led this young Savage to the Geology section of the book store and told him all the answers can be found here. I saw the bewildered look on his face and began to explain. This is a common dilemma that Savages often face. The only way to truly be able to calculate true value is work both claims by a tactic known as Mind Mining. He looked even more confused I explained you have to penetrate the layers of a Mark's psyche to excavate what lies buried deep. Each layer is deposited layers of past relationships, hating friends, and require different Savage tools to penetrate. Now once you get through all these layers you'll start discovering nuggets of who the person is. This is where it becomes somewhat difficult during this mining a Savage must be able to decipher from pyrite or Fool's Gold and true Gold. Often Mark's that have low value attempt to disguise themselves as more precious metals I explained. So in orders to distinguish real from fake you have to contemplate on which characteristics work against the marks favor. I begin to spit Savage Game. Below is an aid to every Savage when a decision must be made in a situation similar to the Young Savage. If answered "yes" to at least 20/38 questions, congratulations Savage; your answer is clear as day.

Lastly, but most certainly not least, if mark slept with the homies, then she might be better as a side chick.

Equipped with knowledge to make the appropriate decision, the Young Savage and I parted ways. In a follow up conversation, he spoke of how after careful analysis of both marks, he completed the questionnaire and was surprised to see that his initial decision had been wrong. The mark that he thought he should make his "main" was smashed by a member of his Savage Pack. Hilariously, it was the emotional mark that wanted more. The other, rejected their advances. 

While embarking on your journey to Certified Savage status, the lesson of the gold miners must not be forgotten. Through years of trial and error, they picked up the necessary skills that allowed them to easily decipher Fool's Gold from True Gold. Fools Gold should be disposed of quickly; its useless; those who walk around with it look like fools. On the other hand, True Gold should be cherished. Its valuable, unique, and hard to replace. Don't be fooled by imitations my Savage. 

Required Listening: R.I.P. Big HAWK

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