Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Applied Savagery: Case Study I

As I sipped on a fine glass of Delamain Extra Cognac, my iPhone began to vibrate. Glancing it's way, I realized that I might be the victim of every Savage's worst foe, the unknown sender. Without knowing the identity of the person on the other side of a text message, its hard to adjust Savage game to the appropriate level to maintain Savage hold.  Normally ignored, I dwell on the text message from this anonymous sender. Paranoia instantly invades my brain. "Who could this be?" "Where did I last give a mark my number?" "Which marks did I last delete out of my phone?" "Which girl is trying to set up a trap?" "Do I respond or ignore?" "Who the fuck is this!!!!" "Gotta stop drinking and giving out my number to marks!" "Why didn't I store her number when I first got it!!!"

Realizing that my mind won't rest until the identity of the person is known, I begin to text back. The message leaves my inbox and instantly turns blue; fellow iPhone user. Green text messages are so garbage! The recipient texts backs and reveals their identity. A Mackonomics101 reader. Flustered, yet flattered, I question his purpose. What follows is the first of many Savage tales that readers have submitted to Mackonomics101. We at Mackonomics101 enjoy hearing all of your #SavageTales. All will be read, the most Savage will be posted. Also the identities of all parties involved in each #SavageTale submitted will remain anonymous so that the guilty remain innocent. Thanks to all who submitted, but most importantly, Keep It Savage. 








After receiving this #SavageTale the Mackonomics Team came up with the following synopsis:

Utilizing all of the Mackonomics101 lessons from Lesson 08, and using the correct terminology, this submitter received the honor of telling the first #SavageTale, and as a result, automatically gains the "Certified Savage" title. As Lesson 08 states, "Once Savages enter a hunting arena, the first thing they do is find a prime vantage point to scope the area, look for mark(s). As proven by text message A-B, Upon entering the arena, Reader 1 scoped the scenery in search for the most attractive marks. Stated in previous posts, "The savage observes the marks, then makes a note of the marks he wishes to shoot at. Since all savages in the pack are exhibiting in the same activity, shooting opportunities are handed out in a first come fist serve basis.".

Once the marks were spotted, the Certified Savage deployed #SavagePack methods to ensure that he and his Savage comrade both get the W's, (As shown in text message B). Reader 1 utilized the #SavagePack method of the Diversion Tactic. As stated in Lesson 08, "When the diversion tactic is used it involves a maneuver where the Savage draws the attention of the marks away from a planed point of action. This is often seen when the Savage pack springs onto a group of marks and guides them into more suitable terrain for the Savage to the the W." The Reader sprung into action and pulled his mark. Realizing a member of the #SavagePack was in a losing situation, Reader 1 read the signals his Savage comrade was sending him and came in to provide equilibrium to the Savage. Reader 1 played an important role in ensuring that the #SavagePack ate. 

As shown in text message C, Reader 1 displayed the arrogance and cockiness needed to get the W in that tricky situation. If arrogance and cockiness were absent, both Savages may have gone home empty handed. If average men were in Reader 1's shoes they would have made excuses or have acted like they did not notice his Savage Comrade's distress signals. Savage's always rise to the occasion, no matter the slim chance of success. 

In text message D Both Savages deployed the method of Distract and Attack. External distractions may be planned or unplanned. In this given situation, mother nature extended her helping hand to the benefit of both Savages. They were able to successfully maneuver the pair of marks from the arena to an area that favored both Savage's shooting styles. 

After leading the marks to their desired location, both Savages were able to put themselves in a winning situation; as shown in text message F. Possessing enough Savage knowledge, Reader 1 was able to put himself in a winning situation. Knowing that no #SavageTale is incomplete with a Savage ending, Reader 1 made plans to seal the deal, thus submitting his #SavageTale into the Savage Hall of Fame. 

Reader 1 is indeed a Certified Savage and has garnered the coveted stamp of approval. 

Going through the motions subconsciously  Reader 1 shows that he's worthy of the title and is also worthy joing the Mackonomics #SavagePack into any endeavors we may embark on. Thank you for you #SavageTale Reader 1. 

Any readers interested in submiting their #SavageTale to be analyzed can do so by sending an e-mailed draft to  As previously stated, all will be read but only the most Savage will be posted. With that being said, Keep it Savage. 

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