Monday, November 26, 2012

Lesson 10: The Ghost of Marks Past

Attempting to embrace the holiday spirit I concocted some turnt up eggnog. To further embrace the season I began to flip through channels and came across a holiday classic A Christmas Carol originally written by great English author Charles Dickens. For those of you unfamiliar with this great work it tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly and cold hearted man, and how from visits from 3 ghost; Past, Present, and Future. He sees his misguided ways and changes for the better. The ghost of the past is the most essential ghost in Scrooges transformation it shows him how he became what he is and what type of potential he had and if he reached it. As I watched this I began to see similarities between my own and Scrooge's journey.  I began to see how just like Scrooge I was shown my past by way of ghost except more in number,these where the Ghost of Marks Past.It is essential for every Savage to see their growth in the game and there is no better way than study  this than looking into your history. Normally you are given this opportunity in a reunion or large social gathering i.e. Sellapalooza 2012. It will not always be an easy experience when coming face to face with your past but is essential that a Savage can quickly categorize and understand how to deal with Marks of the Past. Below is a common list of these type of marks a Savage will encounter at this type of an event a preferred etiquette.

1. The Ex
Depending on the way the relationship ended determines the course of action when engaging with this individual. If the relationship ended on good terms, walk up and greet. This should not be awkward. The relationship is over and in most cases they have moved on. Catch up. The absolute worst choice is to act like you did not see them. Not only does this make you look weak, insecure, and immature  but it also makes you look like a flat out idiot. Talk to them and show them that you have a genuine interest in their life.

If the relationship ended on bad terms and if you or that person are harboring some bad feelings you should still acknowledge them..... FROM AFAR and keep it moving. No good can come from interacting with this mark. Do not put yourself on that island. The most appropriate course of action for this situation is the "head nod". To those that do not what this is I'll explain. In order for the head nod to be effective one must establish eye contact with the target while maintaining a separation distance of at least 20 feet . Once established, lift the chin one to two inches North and ease the chin back into it's natural resting position. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOT EXCEED THE TWO INCH CHIN CEILING BECAUSE THE MARK INTERPRETS THIS IS AS DESPERATE. Again one must channel the wolf in this situation and become stealth. You must not allow the ex to observe you watching them watch you. Failing to do this sets of a chain event of reactions where the ex believes you still have feelings and feeds their confidence which can potentially lead to a public confrontation. Ont the other being successful at this forces the ex deeper into the pit of despair and regret that they already take residence in and allows for the easy fall in if other prospects fall through. This is a last resort option. No Savage status increase can be achieved by doing so

2. Secret Lover
Every Savage has at least one of these marks. One night when the moon was just right and the dress was just tight enough, you gamed her up and took her home. Ripping to pieces ensued and they kept it gangsta enough to leave before sunrise. They kept y'all's secret safe for years while constantly being in the company of people that talked about you when you weren't around. Reward her for her Savagery in a discrete way.

Course of Action: Engage her no differently than other people. A tight hug, small talk, then get outta there. Have a neutral friend buy her a drink and deliver a sellish message. As much as you think no one knows, some people may have a inclination about it. Someone always does.

This mark is especially fun to interact with because of the added element of the forbidden. Both parties knew before smashing that it was not supposed to happen, but you got caught in the moment. Flirt from across the arena. Give eyes, dance from across the opposite ends of the arena, send text messages, etc. Keep them in your sights... If you play your cards right you may fall back in.

3. The Tesla Effect
This relationship is extremely complicated . This occurs when the mark and savage have intense flirt sessions but external situations (exes of friends, currently in a relationship, distance, friend has a crush on them, etc) are preventing anything else from happening. When the savage and mark are around each other, electricity flows between. They are commonly seen in close proximity, constantly laughing and smiling at each other, and in extreme cases, have inside jokes. Everyone close to these two people think that much more is going on, than what actually is. The Savage and mark, both find this hilarious. Interacting with this mark is especially easy. Do what you've always done. Talk, flirt, joke and have fun. However, this should not be the mark of choice for the night. Overcoming the obstacle of past relationships and friend's crushes takes a time. The savage must remain patient.

4. Unfinished Business
Every savage encounters this tragedy. When things were getting hot and heavy one night, extenuating circumstances spoiled the rewards of the rip and things never quite lined up again. This mark is extremely difficult to deal with because each time they come into contact with the savage, the events of that night play back in the savage's head. Unable to deal with the fact that this mission is incomplete, savages undergo a time period of slight grief. In the savage's head, the mark begins to take the form of a challenge, one that they must conquer. The course of action when dealing with is pretty straight forward. Say things that only the two of you understand, but its safest to do this around a group of people. When the two are left unsupervised  they are both at risk for uncharacteristic gafts in public etiquette  All savage training goes out of the window when encountering this mark. If the tension is high, enough the savage should pursue this mark. The savage knows that if a mark was at the mercy of  a savage once, it could be done again. Go for it....

6. Trife Life
One of the Savage's most favorite past marks to deal with. The Savage and the mark both did something that most people would consider trifling or "down bad' to get together. Most people judge this relationship but neither the savage or the mark care. Undergoing this public scrutiny together, the savage and mark establish a so called "friendship". Conversations with this mark consists of honest opinions and motives. No bullshit is necessary, which rarely occurs when dealing with the average mark.

SIDE NOTE: People are watching you two interact. Give them something to talk about.

An omelette can not be made without breaking a few eggs.  In the quest to the title of a "Certified Savage", most savages break the heart's of a few marks. The most common type of heartbreak that marks endure with the savage is the foolish idea that they may be the one to kill a Savage's Savage ways. They understand who and what you are, but foolishly take on the task of attempting to alter the savage's essence. This idea is as feasible as trying to domesticate a ferocious wolf. It's impossible! Marks that are not used to dealing with Savages confuse the Savages' bluntness and honesty for a genuine interest. Foolish! Savages do what Savages do and in order for them to reach peak levels of Savagery there must be some casualties.

When dealing with this mark only two courses of actions are available depending on the situation. If the mark still holds bitterness and anger towards you they will most likely avoid you or purposely ignore you or show signs of resistance. Resistance is a sign that the mark's emotions are in effect. Resistance can be easily transformed into the complete opposite. Acknowledge them, in most cases they will not reciprocate this respect. How childish. Be the bigger person and keep it moving. A Savage should maintain a stress and bitter free environment  Marks can sense when one holds on to this type of baggage.The second situation is more favorable. This is when the mark has grown up and realizes that everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. They accept the Savage and a friendship is formed. In some cases you have molded another Savage.

The only song that can explain such Savagery.

8. The Siren
This type of mark can be traced back to the story of The Odyssey. Normally they travel in packs ranging from two to five. These nefarious creatures would lure sailors close to the rocks from listening to their enchanting song. Causing them to sink their ships and loose their lives all for their enjoyment.These marks still exists to this day. They will appear to give the Savage plenty of play, when in all actuality, they are setting you up to sink your Savage ship. They are characterized by being loud, exhibiting in pillow talk, and never being able to keep anything to themselves. Normally really attractive, but extremely dangerous. True fem fatales. Dealing with the siren is very difficult for a savage because they play on the Savage's greatest weakness..... The ego. When dealing with such a creature it is imperative not to listen to the melody of the song, but the actual words. Sirens never answer questions, and in rare occasions that they do, their responses never make sense. They are not very smart at all. They will ask the Savage prodding questions that seems like a W is on the horizon and when entranced within the song, too much information is given by the Savage, thus allowing your ship to easily be sunken. Sirens spread information gained from the Savage allowing you crash into the rocks that are your own words when shooting. A true Achilles heel to the Savage.

A depiction from the epic of The Odyssey when Odysseus came into contact with these horrid creatures.
9. All Grown Up
The Mark that is at least four years younger than the savage. Typically a younger family member of someone within a Savage's social web, they have been knowing each other for years. The Savage already knows that the mark has been harboring a secret crush, but chooses not to act on it because it violates multiple Savage rules. No savage picks unripe fruit, especially from a neighbor's tree. Absent from the savage's life for years the mark reappears all grown up and more attractive than ever. This sapling has bloomed into a bountiful tree whose branches are full with ripe fruit that now hang within the Savage's reach. When dealing with this Mark, one should not over do it. Remember the fruit is nearly fallen from the tree, just be there to catch the fruit as it falls.

10. The Swan
Everyone is familiar with the story of the Ugly Duckling where the most awkward young creature becomes stunning. Despite the unappealing exterior, the character always shined through. Very rare that this does not remain true.The mark's outer beauty finally catches up to their inner beauty.The mark also has a has a new sense of style and fashion to compliment the new features. Infused in this new lifestyle the mark has become more attractive than ever with a deadly combination of both looks and character. The Swan is no longer referred to as a mark in the eyes of a Savage....

SIDE NOTE: The Savage within me would not allow me to continue typing about this particular individual.

11. The Fall Off
The mark that was really attractive for years. Confident and arrogant with their looks, the mark became complacent and neglected dieting and physical fitness. Months and months of this negligent behavior, the mark's body underwent the three phases of the fall off. First being "fine", Second being "thick", and third being "fat". Most Fall Offs do not that they are in this category and their arrogance and attitude no longer matches their physical appearance. This is the exact opposite of the swan, yet no one has pity for their current state. Their outer appearance finally matches the hideous interior. What makes this change so astounding, is that they are normally really good friends with the Swan. The Fall Off dies a thousand deaths. Used to being the center of attention when being in the swan's company they must now take the backseat.

In dealing with this mark, never attack them for their current physical state. Just remind them of the shitty person they are and the effects of karma. Also, do not forget to compliment the swan's progress in the days of olde.

12. The Re-Creation
Insecurity is something that we all, as humans, possess. What makes a truly great person is when you don't let these things define you. Recreating yourself is one of the lowest forms of secondchancism. This mark was perfectly fine and and okay person but the key drawback was their insecurity. This prevented the Savage from accomplishing their goal when dealing with this mark, and also was a hindering factor causing the mark not to reach their full potential. This reinvention is characterized by taking on a new persona, character traits, and a style that is a polar opposite than what the person is known for. Also this mark is always under some type of construction and never a finished product. This type of mark is extremely  reprehensible to the Savage because of the amount of value the Savage has towards genuineness. To completely alter one's self based on insecurity is extremely weak. Dealing with this mark throws the Savage off their game completely. First because they are nothing like the savage remembers, and such a transformation is unsettling. The Savage is disgusted by this and finds it difficultly to hold a conversation with this mark, even when showing interest. This lack of confidence and sincerity can not be entertained by a Savage. Best course of action is to for the Savage to removes one's self from the the conversation before something bad is said.

SIDE NOTE: This was so frustrating for a contributor, that he was forced to smoke a cigarette. Disgusted he went on an epic rant in which he repeated countless times, "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF."

13. The Investment
All great investors have the ability to see the potential of a start up. Despite being in an infantile state, there is great potential for an eventual bountiful yield. The same keen eye is present in all Savages. The Investment  for the Savage is that mark that is years younger than the Savage, typically an age difference of four years. This individual is interested in the Savage but the Savage senses that they are naive and not mentally ready to deal with such opulent levels of realness. The Savage sees this person's potential to flourish into something epic.This type of  person  is considered a "Mark in Training" or a "juvie"and must embark on a journey to earn the title of "mark." The Savage begins to invests valuable time and resources into this start up so that in time they can potentially mature into a stock that can compete in the bull market of marks and then return on investment thus justifying the initial down payment. In order to calculate the potential value, Savage employ the following formula:

Where FV is the future value, PV is the present value of the individual, i being the interest that will yield from invested time and resources and n being the period of time the Savage will wait to collect. Many have went Savage bankrupt in the search for the hearty investment. By either improperly evaluating present value, investing too much or to little in time and resources or cashing in too early or waiting entirely too long to do so. An investment savvy Savage never has to worry about the potential of bankruptcy. They properly evaluate how much to invest and doing so the individual in question will remind said Savage into how long they have been allowing the investment to mature. Thus ensuring the proper time to collect. When reaching peak earning potential the Savage should cash in and reap the benefits of their work. This is one of the most rewarding endeavors of a Savage. Having trained the mark to your liking potential is limitless.

This shows 2 different investment strategies. Note the Savage's (Wolf) keen business sense brings about a high return. 

Dealing with the past can be difficult for the uninitiated. A Savage has to have the ability to quickly analyze a situation and come out the victor. Also a Savage must have the ability to fall out of dangerous territory and not debase them selves when venturing in lands of old. Understanding your Savage past is key with continuing into your Savage a future. When analyzing the past and what ever it may reveal a Savage must remember the words of 2 Savage philosophers. Modern day Curren$y who said "Emotional luggage, nothing of it, I don’t check bags I just carry-on, leave that bullshit in the past" a Savage never should never posses any type of baggage from their past. Lastly and most important the words of Confucius "Study the past if you would define the future." With out knowing how one started on this path it's impossible to continue on it. Stay Savage my friends.


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