Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lesson 4: Be the hawk.

Sitting here on the car bout to go meet one of my marks at a bar for a quick turn up session. This is when any substance is consumed resulting in an elevation of mood, mistakes or new thoughts. Also characterized by less inhibitions thus leading to an increase of Y.O.L.O moments. Since I'll be getting to the atmosphere late I'll have to be gain a general feel of things from the marks there. This is where squares come in handy yet again.

Squares show you which marks are approachable and which you stand the greatest chances of getting a W or winning undeniable interest and attention via a social interaction, with. Confused yet? Let me clear this up for you. Each and every mark the square attempts to pick up, WATCH the mark's body language. Look to see if she's in the defensive position the entire time he's talking to her. Defensive position being arms crossed, legs crossed, feet being pointed away from or not maintaining eye contact with the square. If the mark is in the defensive position and the square manages to get her out it, arms unfolded, legs uncrossed. eye contact, or positive laughter, it’s a GREEN LIGHT. She’s trying to mingle tonight. Marks that give squares play, interest brought about by an enjoyable social interaction, always go after the Savage. In most cases, marks forget the conversation they previously had with the square. If she gives him a phone number, this is a super GREEN LIGHT. If the square manages to pull, or get a perceived W this sets the stage for a Savage move known as the swoop down.

The swoop down is an aggressive act of coming in and stealing a mark from a square. When executing this move the Savage delivers such an elevated level of game when compared with the square it surprises the mark and adds more force to the strike of the Savage's game. This is most effective when administered directly following a square warming up the situation. This Savage move mimics that of the raptor or hawk in nature. The hawk is a savage bird of prey when swooping; it does so by descending from the sky at great speeds and steep angles to make a kill. A hawks hunting is very similar to that of a Savage when seeking a W. For you see the Savage is the hawk, the mark serves as the prey, and the square is an unsuccessful, starving animal attempting to make the prey its meal. Like the hawk, the Savage picks an opportune moment to swoop down for the kill and capture the prey; leaving the square alone with lower confidence and an empty stomach.
On the contrary side, in the event the square isn't have any type of success with the mark pay close attention. During the interaction did the square receiving any play? Did the mark's body language grow more defensive? Did you see the moment in the marks eyes when squareitis was diagnosed? If the square attempted to pull was the attempt quickly thwarted? If yes is the answer to any of these the mark still remains in the defensive position. You will have to bring your A game. Think of nature’s Savage, the hawk. To take down more difficult prey they elevate to increase force of strike impact, resulting in a successful take down. So when swooping make sure the game delivered is of a higher level to ensure getting the W from a more challenging mark.


Play:\ˈplā\(n): positive interaction between two human beings that results in interest in. Squares are unfamiliar with this.

Swoop Down: \ˈswüp ˈdau̇n\ (v): the aggressive act of stealing a mark from the Square. "Saving the damsel in distress" from the infection of the brain from of the Square; characterized by the rapid delivery of elevated level of games to achieve maximum effectiveness

Turn up: \ˈtərn ˈəp\ (v): the consumption of alcohol or any other substance that alters the chemical reactions that operate the brain and results in elevated mood, new thought processes, mistakes, influx in the occurrence of Y.O.L.O. Moments, less inhibitions, and irrational spikes in ratings of subjects in the Rate-A-Mark scale.

W:\'dəb-yē\ (noun, adj): Coming out the victor of a given social interaction resulting in winning undeniable interest and attention from a mark thus establishing open lines of communication. A notch in the win column of the savage. 

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