Monday, September 24, 2012

Lesson 3: Be the Driver.

I'm in Borders contemplating which G I'm going to use to get this bad bunny. G or Game is a force of persuasiveness used to gain favor with the opposite sex. G has many levels and types. But before I thought about my old marks and my current ones. I analyzed the way that I treat these marks and what they always say about me once we stop talking. Number 1 comment is marks saying, "Goldie you're too selfish". Doing some serious thinking I realized that I'm not the problem, these marks are.

Marks are the most selfish creature on Earth. Marks only look out for their best interest and if you're smart enough to realize a mark is conning you,then you're deemed selfish. A BR scholar and fellow square wrote "Life is a gamble, which means love is a casino, everybody just playing to win"- Kevin Gates. This is what it boils down to. Square game is mostly comprised of conversing of earning power or, worse, telling fictitious personal narratives of oneself to look more appealing. This is why they always lose. Marks are always going to call you out on it and see if you can back it up, looking out for only their own best interest. The now vulnerable square, is flustered and shows their true self. The marks then capitalizes on this and forces the square to enter into a cycle of tricking. Tricking is the excessive rewarding of gift and or money to gain and or maintain interest of a mark. Despite this unending cycle of gain the mark is still left unfulfilled and still seeks more. As stated before selfishness is the natural behavior of marks. In the quest for acquiring more from the square, the guard of the mark is dropped. The mark gets sloppy and the square picks up on the change in dynamic of their once one-sided relationship.The mark and the square become dependent on each other; the square depends on the mark for attention and the mark depends on the square for the rewards.This is a lose-lose situations for both parties involved because the square loses funds and the mark loses valuable, unrecoverable time.Which sets the stage for the Savage.

A Savage has a keen eye for a damsel in distress; this is only part of an intricate technique known as Savage Game. Savage Game is an unstoppable force of persuasiveness that goes beyond the normal scope of square or mark thinking. It is game perfected. People tend to gravitate towards those who exhibit this because of it's brutal yet respectable honesty. When the Savage comes across a mark who currently in the aforementioned situation the game is deployed. Brooklyn's finest and fellow Savage said "The only way to peep a fool is let him show his hand, then you play your cards, Then he through dealin I understand, Don't blow your dough on hotties" -Jay -Z.

So armed with maxims such as these the Savage isn't allowed to fall in the same cycle as the mark. The Savage forces the mark to expose their cards, making easy work.The Savage Game is so dazzling it beseeches the mark to adorn the spoils from the square on the Savage. But doing this forces the mark to spend more time with the square.Time that could be spent with the savage. This makes the mark cherish the time spent the Savage more. The savage is the victor of this relationship. The savage is not only in control of his own automobile, but he's also in control of two other parties' without having to carry the service and maintenance cost.Which leaves the square in the backseat of his own vehicle, the mark in the passenger, and a Savage behind the wheel. 


G or Game: \ˈgām\ (n): A force of persuasiveness; a skill perfected by frequent training; measure of smoothness and success with the opposite sex.

Savage Game:\ˈsa-vij ˈgām\ (n): An unstoppable force of persuasiveness that goes beyond the normal scope of Square or Mark thinking. People tend to gravitate toward those who exhibit Savage game. Based on the premise "Honesty is the best Policy."

Tricking:\ˈtrik-iŋ\ (v.): Excessive rewarding of gifts and money to gain the interest, or keep the interest of a member of the opposite sex; not having the monetary means to live a lifestyle one is portraying.

Square Game:\ˈskwer ˈgām\ (n): An unstoppable repellent that drives people away from the Square. Savage Philosophers believe that the abandoned city of Pripyat was not evacuated because of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster, but because a family of Squares moved into the city.

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