Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lesson 2: Squareitis and you.

I'm sitting here in the barbershop just talking about marks with a fellow Savage and the square joins in. He's talking about how he can't keep his mark in line, she's always out of pocket. Out of pocket is the unacceptable behavior displayed by a mark that can be manifested through a variety of ways, most commonly via disrespectful words and actions. He asked us what's wrong with his mark, what was the cause of this out of pocketness.I started to give this square some words of wisdom but the game is to be sold, not told, to an individual such as him.

The answer is quite simple;the mark isn't the problem, the problem lies within him. He lost his already minimum hold on the mark and now he's at the mark's mercy. It appears that this is a classic case of full blown Squaritis. This disease has plagued man since the beginning of time, it is an infection of the psyche resulting in square like behavior such as a lack of control, lack of confidence, tricking, growing an attachment to promiscuous women , chills and fever. When left untreated a persons worst fear is realized one becomes a square and notably susceptible to the game up or the ability for one to be conned by a savage. An example would be a female Savage entertaining a conversation with a square for her personal gain. She wants the mark to pay for her drinks. The square doesn't recognize that he's getting "gamed-up" and pays for all of her drinks. Once she's buzzed, she ends the conversation with the mark and drives over to a Savages house for a nitecap. The square loses again to the Savage. This tough for the square's psyche and plunges him deeper into squareitis.

The first case is squairitis was seen with Adam and Eve. See Adam was a square and Eve gamed him up. Resulting in Adam's punk ass fucking up the world. On April 4, 1973, perhaps the greatest savage of all time Max Julien noted that there seems to be a relationship with the chances of acquiring squaritis with attaining certain levels of fame. His words made sense then and still today. John Lennon was a square and Yoko Ono was Savage enough to game up Lennon's square ass to leave The Beatles. Further examples include Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Tom Cruise, Drake, Kris Humphries, and Robert Pattinson.

How ever simple cases of the disease can be cured. The key element is to make people forget the square was once a square. This can be done by doing the following:

1. Winning a championship of any sort. This fools the general public into forgetting prior square like behavior.

2. Release an amazing album. Refer to tip 1 for explanation.

3. Date out of your league.

4. Get your credentials up. The more letters behind your name the more people will forget.

5. Learn from previous mistakes, and start practicing squareitis prevention.

6.Educate yourself. Read "Pimp" by Iceberg Slim and "48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene

Notable survivors include by examples shown above Kobe Bryant/Tiger Woods, Justin Timberlake, Seal, Shaq, Mike Tyson.

Some people are immune to this infectious disease for obvious reasons. Their immune systems fights off invading squarish cells with the most Savage antibodies before they can do anything. This immunity was first exhibited many generations ago when the potentially greatest female Savage Cleopatra, macked on Julius Ceaser, Mark Antony, and other influential men of power. Charlie Sheen, John Mayer, Juicy J, Jay-Z, Matt Kemp, Brad Pitt, and Billy Bob Thorton all share the same immune characteristics that Cleopatra displayed.

Since we all aren't born with squairitis immunity, we have to take steps to prevent this sickness.Following these easy steps can save you from contracting this most deadly disease.

1. Read the person talking to you. Are they attempting to "game up" on you. If what they're saying is too good to be true, chances are it is.

2. Never be on the losing end of a public dispute.

3. Never get involved in a public dispute over a mark.

4. Always maintain control of ANY situation.Remember marks do what you'll let them get away with my brothers.

So remember only you can prevent squaritis.


Gamed Up \ˈgām-ˈed ˈəp\: (v; adv): to get manipulated or conned verbally by a fellow Savage. Common occurrence for squares.

Out of pocket \ˈau̇t ˈəv ˈpä-kət\:(v; adv): a mark acting in an unacceptable manner, this includes talking disrespectfully, not following directions; violating the rules and or regulations laid out by the controlling member of a relationship; to be out of control; not a normal occurrence for a savage bc a savage always maintains control. Usually results in a disciplinary action handed down by the savage.

Squaritis \ˈskwer-ˈīt-əs\ :(n): According to WebSavageMD Squaritis is defined as an infection of the psyche. Symptoms differ but normally include shortness of women, lack of control, lack of confidence, tricking, growing an emotional attachment to promiscuous women, chills and fever, Unrecoverable cases are characterized by public displays of square behavior, wifeing known promiscuous women, and marks publicly acting out of pocket.

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