Friday, September 28, 2012

Lesson 6 - The Thirst Part 2

As stated yesterday, there are a plethora of thirst traps currently being deployed. Some are still being created by Thirst Trap Engineers (TTE) on a daily basis. Despite TTE innovation over the years, most squares tend to stick with traps that have been used for centuries. Don’t be fooled, some of these old traps have a proven success rate and remain effective on those who can’t recognize them. Some squares have deployed these traps so many times that they themselves have become the trap. To not fall victim one must be able to see these characteristics or ask the questions to uncover the truth.

One of the most basic traps ever engineered is absenteeism. Absenteeism is the initiation of a conversation with a mark of choice on social media, e-mail, or text messages that the square would not do in person. Squares attempt to set up this thirst trap because he or she does not have the courage to engage in person to person conversation with the mark, or the square realizes that the mark may be out of the square's league. This is a weak attempt to gain confidence that leads to more complicated thirst traps. Absenteeism relies on the element of the mark being absent from the square's presence, thus creating misdirection. This lessens the blow of rejection that square feels if/when their thirst trap fails because of the lack of face to face communication. Rejection is easier to handle when it is seen over a laptop. Absenteeism is one of the easiest thirst traps for marks to recognize, it is also has the lowest success rates of all thirst traps. Absenteeism can be spotted numerous ways. Most commonly by a random inbox message from a person that has everyday contact with you. This person may be a work colleague, classmate, or friend of a friend. This person has the means to engage in person to person contact (P2P) with mark on a daily basis but passes up each and every chance. Studies have shown that Savage Females have actually developed a sixth sense for picking up those utilize Absenteeism. The Absentee Square is spotted by the mark because the square is always around the mark in a social setting, stays around after a passed window, and gets caught in the act of hovering by the keen savage female. The reason behind the low success rates of Absenteeism is because of the simple fact that in most cases, the mark already suspects it. The square's cards have already been exposed and the mark's attention is easily diverted. Other times the mark simply doesn't remember the square. The only way to avoid these squares is to completely go off the grid.

Another square that utilizes misdirection and a bit of deception is the Dream-Seller. This type of square seeks to impress the mark by dishing out false promises often being commitment, and compliments. Dream selling includes, but is not limited to, the construction of a persona that sufficiently suits the liking of a mark, thus using the mark's emotions against themselves to obtain selfish gains. Metaphorically speaking, the Dream-Seller is the used car salesman that tells you everything that you want to hear. They present things one way and once a deal is struck, or the goal is fulfilled, you see that you have purchased a lemon; or in the squares case being someone else. Dream selling is a thirst trap because it is a cycle that never ends. The mark becomes emotionally invested in the relationship with the Dream Seller and becomes blind to the contradictory actions that the square exhibits. On rare events, marks have been known to temporarily spot the square's contradictory actions only to fall victim to another one of the Dream Sellers lies. Dream Sellers thrive off these lies; they keep the mark embedded in an ever growing web of lies. Eventually this web becomes to great maintain and collapses. In some cases a reversal of fortune occurs.The marks is so engrossed in the lie that they themselves help tend this web and begin to trap the square, whose own trap has betrayed them. Savages on the other hand do not fall victim to the dream sellers’ tricks. In fact, trying to sell a dream to a Savage is a sure way of closing the lines of communications with them and getting on this blog. When attempting to avoid these individual do these things: Listen to what they are saying. Does it make sense? Or Does it sound too good to be true? Ask yourself “Do they say one thing and do another?” Lastly get the car facts on the used car salesman. Ensure they are the same person you are presented with to others.

Some squares have what they think is a more refined approach and try to be a bit more crafty with traps. These squares disguise their true motives through the practice of cloaking. The cloaker uses the safety net of a social institution to establish a direct line of communication with the mark. Cloakers may attend the same university, share the same occupation, a or can even appear as help to the mark to excel professionally. This particular thirst trap works because the cloaker fuses two types of thirst traps, absenteeism and dream-selling, into one but deploys them at different times. The cloaker first has to establish the lines of communication and does so by combining some aspects of dream selling, with the mutual goal provided by the social institution. So unlike dream-sellers it isn’t a total lie but they are still using deception to reach their goal. Often to establish direct lines of communication with marks cloakers use lines such as:

"That test next week will be pretty hard, want to study together? I know a lot of the information. Let me get your number so we can meet up"

"Hey I seem to be having trouble with this project. Can I get your number so I can call you if I run into any problems?"

"You're looking for a new place to stay? I know the perfect realtor. Give me your number so I can give to him and you guys can meet up"

This seems to fluster the unknowing mark. When the mark falls into this trap, the cloaker then begins to send the mark subtle thirst messages which do not have anything to do with the squares original intentions, this a type of absenteeism. The overall thirst factor of these messages grows exponentially as times passes. Cloakers can be extremely pesky, yet persistent. There is NO defined way to successfully evade the thirst of a cloaker, however short term evasion has been accomplished by marks changing their phone numbers or e-mail addresses. But don’t doubt there resourcefulness remember they are persistent.

Let’s begin by saying that this is the most despicable type of trap there is. Used only by the most bottom feeding of all squares, and the least respected form of life in the eyes of a Savage. Friend Zoning is a technique employed when a square has failed to impress a mark and subsequently has become a platonic friend. Friend Zoners not only have to carry the burden of faking a friendship,but also are forced to watch theirwould be mark thirst over another, typically a savage. How is this a thirst trap you may be thinking? For you see, the friend zoner is not looking for short term gains, the friend zoner is looking out for his or her long term best interest. The FZer sits back and gains all kinds of insider information on the mark: important dates, do's and don'ts of relationships, likes and dislikes, and previous mistakes from past relationships The FZ gambles that their mark will get hurt by a Savage. If the gamble doesn’t work often the FZer will result into tactics such as telling the mark rumors, pointing out how they would do something different vs. the Savage, constantly attempting to become more than friends all around reprehensible hating behavior. But if the gamble does work out the FZer springs into action. During the time of grievance the FZ swoops down on the mark when he/she is most vulnerable and attacks with the reconnaissance they have been gaining. This is clear manipulation to everyone; often squares that use this technique are not liked by the mark’s friends. Needless to say the FZ only had ulterior motives driven by thirst.

Avoidance: The Friend Zoner Lookout List

1. "Friend" is too readily available

2. "Friend" never speaks to current or potential marks, always displays cold shoulder.

3. "Friend" never has anything good to say about your mark or potential mark.

4. "Friend" wants you to meet his/her parents.

5. "Friend" is always meeting your mark or potential mark.

If your "friend" does three or more of the action stated above, congrats you're being conned by a Friend Zoning Square. The only remedy for this situation is to separate entirely. TERMINATE THE "FRIENDSHIP" IMMEDIATELY.

So in the quest of quenching thirst be sure not fall victim to these traps or even worse try to deploy one. 


Absenteeism: \ˌab-sən-ˈtē -ˈi-zəm\ (v): The initiation of a conversation with a Mark of choice on social media, e-mail, or text message which the square would not initiate in person. Relies heavily on the element of the mark being absent from the presence of the square

Cloaking: \ˈklōk- iŋ\ (v): the act of using a promise with the backdrop of sociological institution gain to establish communication with a mark; after lines are established communication is not related to initial contact

Dream Selling: \ˈdrēm ˈsel- iŋ \ (v): the act of dishing out falsehoods for attention of a mark; the construction of a persona that sufficiently suits the liking of a mark, thus gaining emotional attachment

Friend Zoning: \ˈfrend ˈzōn--iŋ\ (v): the act of using a false friendship to obtain a relationship with a mark; the gathering of information that will later be used in a moment of weakness against said mark

Hovering: \ˈhə-vər- iŋ\ (v): the act of focusing all of one's attention on a mark in a predatory manner and attempting to stealthily monitor the mark's every move while being conspicuous. Similar to lurking except done in public.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lesson 5: The Thirst - Part 1

So I'm over here at the Cove chilling with my main man Joey, the best bartender in town. As Joey whipped me up one of his masterful concoctions I knew it would be 2 things delicious and thirst quenching. I don't know if it was the age of the scotch I drank or something else but I began to contemplate, a different type of thirst, you know the lust or wanting of affection or attention from the opposite sex. I wondered what life would be life if I didn't have the means to quench my thirst. Then I realized how fortunate I am to live the life of a Savage, because having your thirst quenched and the ability to do so is a rewarding feeling. See everyone has a moment of thirst. Don't be ashamed it’s perfectly normal. The problem is that most people do not handle thirst in appropriate ways. See Savages do not have problems with thirst quenching, squares and most marks always do.

Square and some marks do not know the rules of Thirst Management. So they set up different schemes and tricks. This is a continuous back and forth. Marks normally smarten up because of the overall weakness and lameness of the schemes and tricks of the square are. The Squares on the other hand never does, so they use the same tricks over and over and constantly fall for those of the mark.

One of the many tricks that the squares utilize to attempt to get the upper hand over the mark is the thirst trap. The Thirst Trap came about the same time the ancient Egyptians invented the 365 day calendar. What is a thirst trap some of you may be asking, well it is a one sided attempt by the common square to open up direct lines of communication with an uninterested mark. See squares from many different cultures rely on the calendar because it tells them when important dates are, which is key when they plan out the thirst trap. Social networking is the Mark's greatest foe against the battle of thirst traps. Social networks reveal much information about the mark and the square engages in an act called lurking, spying either online or in person while remaining invisible, to find out the marks' interest, hobbies, and birthday. When the Square absorbs enough information from this dishonorable behavior he sends a message to the mark. These messages normally pertains to the interest or hobbies of the mark, wishing of a Happy Birthday or Holiday, which can be just as easily done on a public post. The mark that suffers the most from this thirst trap is the one that does not diagnose Squareitis during the first encounter. Failing to do so, the mark establishes a direct line of communication with the square and his thirst making them susceptible to square game. This eventually leads to thirst messages, a written expression of one's thirst. Thirst messages from the Square consist of but are not limited to:

"Good morning beautiful, hope today is a wonderful day for you"

"Hey pretty lady"

"So When We Face-timing"

"Why you ain't been hittin’ me up? U walk in and out huh?"

And the weakest of all weak thirst messages "I think I love you"

These thirst messages are often the first thing marks wake up to. These thirst messages are being sent in record numbers boosting mark’s confidence all around the world. This boost in confidence opens the door for marks to set their own thirst traps. In the case of marks thirst traps are designed to appear to be pure desperation but are just disguised pleas for sexual attention. Common female mark thirst traps: "Do my boobs match my butt?"

"I’m abstinent, it’s getting hard"

"I’m sick :( Anyone wants to come take care of me?"

Marks posting pictures pretending to kiss each.


Perhaps the thirstiest, a picture of the gas gauge with the low fuel message with a caption; "My sex life is just like my gas tank... empty" - SMH.

The square does not see this trap, causing them to attempt some of their most reckless thirst traps possible and in some cases send a ridiculous amount of thirst messages that are ignored.

This influx of thirst traps from squares makes them easily visible to marks. This has results in a mark’s low self-esteem to rise to high levels. Resulting in a need only savages can fill . From time to time a square's thirst grows so unbearable they start attempt to set thirst traps on female Savages. mistake Female savages are known to post pictures of squares thirst traps out of pure enjoyment and to send a clear message to other squares.This has been seen on numerous social networking sites as well as this blog.

This only scratches the surfaces of the thirst.There are many types of thirst and one needs an arsenal of techniques to not be snared by the traps or become a victim of thirst. This is a solid foundation of the thirst. Tomorrows lesson will inform you as to why people use these traps and go in deeper into the type of traps and instruct you how to avoid them.



Lurking: \ˈlərk- iŋ\ (v): the act of spying on others, either online or in person, while remaining invisible; sneaky. Loneliness, envy, lack of social life, and too much time on one's hand are the most common causes of lurking.

Thirst: \ˈthərst\ (n): A desperate form of lust or wanting of affection or attention from the opposite sex, resulting in the neglecting of personal respect and pride to establish a link with the thirstee.

Thirstee: \ˈthərst- ˈē\ (n): The focal point of one's thirst ; in some cases the recipient of one's unwanted and annoying thirst.

Thirst Messages: \ˈthərst ˈme-sij\ (n): a written expression of one's thirst. Text messages, e-mails, comments on pictures, and the flooding of inboxes are the most common forms of thirst messages.These messages show all the cards in one’s hand. Lack of knowledge of Mackonomics is the main reason of thirst messages.

Thirst Trap: \ˈthərst ˈtrap\ (n): a one sided attempt to open up direct lines of communication with an uninterested party; recent studies established that there is a direct relationship between the quantity of thirst traps and the rising of social networks.

Rich Square Thirst Trap:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lesson 4: Be the hawk.

Sitting here on the car bout to go meet one of my marks at a bar for a quick turn up session. This is when any substance is consumed resulting in an elevation of mood, mistakes or new thoughts. Also characterized by less inhibitions thus leading to an increase of Y.O.L.O moments. Since I'll be getting to the atmosphere late I'll have to be gain a general feel of things from the marks there. This is where squares come in handy yet again.

Squares show you which marks are approachable and which you stand the greatest chances of getting a W or winning undeniable interest and attention via a social interaction, with. Confused yet? Let me clear this up for you. Each and every mark the square attempts to pick up, WATCH the mark's body language. Look to see if she's in the defensive position the entire time he's talking to her. Defensive position being arms crossed, legs crossed, feet being pointed away from or not maintaining eye contact with the square. If the mark is in the defensive position and the square manages to get her out it, arms unfolded, legs uncrossed. eye contact, or positive laughter, it’s a GREEN LIGHT. She’s trying to mingle tonight. Marks that give squares play, interest brought about by an enjoyable social interaction, always go after the Savage. In most cases, marks forget the conversation they previously had with the square. If she gives him a phone number, this is a super GREEN LIGHT. If the square manages to pull, or get a perceived W this sets the stage for a Savage move known as the swoop down.

The swoop down is an aggressive act of coming in and stealing a mark from a square. When executing this move the Savage delivers such an elevated level of game when compared with the square it surprises the mark and adds more force to the strike of the Savage's game. This is most effective when administered directly following a square warming up the situation. This Savage move mimics that of the raptor or hawk in nature. The hawk is a savage bird of prey when swooping; it does so by descending from the sky at great speeds and steep angles to make a kill. A hawks hunting is very similar to that of a Savage when seeking a W. For you see the Savage is the hawk, the mark serves as the prey, and the square is an unsuccessful, starving animal attempting to make the prey its meal. Like the hawk, the Savage picks an opportune moment to swoop down for the kill and capture the prey; leaving the square alone with lower confidence and an empty stomach.
On the contrary side, in the event the square isn't have any type of success with the mark pay close attention. During the interaction did the square receiving any play? Did the mark's body language grow more defensive? Did you see the moment in the marks eyes when squareitis was diagnosed? If the square attempted to pull was the attempt quickly thwarted? If yes is the answer to any of these the mark still remains in the defensive position. You will have to bring your A game. Think of nature’s Savage, the hawk. To take down more difficult prey they elevate to increase force of strike impact, resulting in a successful take down. So when swooping make sure the game delivered is of a higher level to ensure getting the W from a more challenging mark.


Play:\ˈplā\(n): positive interaction between two human beings that results in interest in. Squares are unfamiliar with this.

Swoop Down: \ˈswüp ˈdau̇n\ (v): the aggressive act of stealing a mark from the Square. "Saving the damsel in distress" from the infection of the brain from of the Square; characterized by the rapid delivery of elevated level of games to achieve maximum effectiveness

Turn up: \ˈtərn ˈəp\ (v): the consumption of alcohol or any other substance that alters the chemical reactions that operate the brain and results in elevated mood, new thought processes, mistakes, influx in the occurrence of Y.O.L.O. Moments, less inhibitions, and irrational spikes in ratings of subjects in the Rate-A-Mark scale.

W:\'dəb-yē\ (noun, adj): Coming out the victor of a given social interaction resulting in winning undeniable interest and attention from a mark thus establishing open lines of communication. A notch in the win column of the savage. 

Required Listening:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Lesson 3: Be the Driver.

I'm in Borders contemplating which G I'm going to use to get this bad bunny. G or Game is a force of persuasiveness used to gain favor with the opposite sex. G has many levels and types. But before I thought about my old marks and my current ones. I analyzed the way that I treat these marks and what they always say about me once we stop talking. Number 1 comment is marks saying, "Goldie you're too selfish". Doing some serious thinking I realized that I'm not the problem, these marks are.

Marks are the most selfish creature on Earth. Marks only look out for their best interest and if you're smart enough to realize a mark is conning you,then you're deemed selfish. A BR scholar and fellow square wrote "Life is a gamble, which means love is a casino, everybody just playing to win"- Kevin Gates. This is what it boils down to. Square game is mostly comprised of conversing of earning power or, worse, telling fictitious personal narratives of oneself to look more appealing. This is why they always lose. Marks are always going to call you out on it and see if you can back it up, looking out for only their own best interest. The now vulnerable square, is flustered and shows their true self. The marks then capitalizes on this and forces the square to enter into a cycle of tricking. Tricking is the excessive rewarding of gift and or money to gain and or maintain interest of a mark. Despite this unending cycle of gain the mark is still left unfulfilled and still seeks more. As stated before selfishness is the natural behavior of marks. In the quest for acquiring more from the square, the guard of the mark is dropped. The mark gets sloppy and the square picks up on the change in dynamic of their once one-sided relationship.The mark and the square become dependent on each other; the square depends on the mark for attention and the mark depends on the square for the rewards.This is a lose-lose situations for both parties involved because the square loses funds and the mark loses valuable, unrecoverable time.Which sets the stage for the Savage.

A Savage has a keen eye for a damsel in distress; this is only part of an intricate technique known as Savage Game. Savage Game is an unstoppable force of persuasiveness that goes beyond the normal scope of square or mark thinking. It is game perfected. People tend to gravitate towards those who exhibit this because of it's brutal yet respectable honesty. When the Savage comes across a mark who currently in the aforementioned situation the game is deployed. Brooklyn's finest and fellow Savage said "The only way to peep a fool is let him show his hand, then you play your cards, Then he through dealin I understand, Don't blow your dough on hotties" -Jay -Z.

So armed with maxims such as these the Savage isn't allowed to fall in the same cycle as the mark. The Savage forces the mark to expose their cards, making easy work.The Savage Game is so dazzling it beseeches the mark to adorn the spoils from the square on the Savage. But doing this forces the mark to spend more time with the square.Time that could be spent with the savage. This makes the mark cherish the time spent the Savage more. The savage is the victor of this relationship. The savage is not only in control of his own automobile, but he's also in control of two other parties' without having to carry the service and maintenance cost.Which leaves the square in the backseat of his own vehicle, the mark in the passenger, and a Savage behind the wheel. 


G or Game: \ˈgām\ (n): A force of persuasiveness; a skill perfected by frequent training; measure of smoothness and success with the opposite sex.

Savage Game:\ˈsa-vij ˈgām\ (n): An unstoppable force of persuasiveness that goes beyond the normal scope of Square or Mark thinking. People tend to gravitate toward those who exhibit Savage game. Based on the premise "Honesty is the best Policy."

Tricking:\ˈtrik-iŋ\ (v.): Excessive rewarding of gifts and money to gain the interest, or keep the interest of a member of the opposite sex; not having the monetary means to live a lifestyle one is portraying.

Square Game:\ˈskwer ˈgām\ (n): An unstoppable repellent that drives people away from the Square. Savage Philosophers believe that the abandoned city of Pripyat was not evacuated because of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster, but because a family of Squares moved into the city.

Required Listening:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lesson 2: Squareitis and you.

I'm sitting here in the barbershop just talking about marks with a fellow Savage and the square joins in. He's talking about how he can't keep his mark in line, she's always out of pocket. Out of pocket is the unacceptable behavior displayed by a mark that can be manifested through a variety of ways, most commonly via disrespectful words and actions. He asked us what's wrong with his mark, what was the cause of this out of pocketness.I started to give this square some words of wisdom but the game is to be sold, not told, to an individual such as him.

The answer is quite simple;the mark isn't the problem, the problem lies within him. He lost his already minimum hold on the mark and now he's at the mark's mercy. It appears that this is a classic case of full blown Squaritis. This disease has plagued man since the beginning of time, it is an infection of the psyche resulting in square like behavior such as a lack of control, lack of confidence, tricking, growing an attachment to promiscuous women , chills and fever. When left untreated a persons worst fear is realized one becomes a square and notably susceptible to the game up or the ability for one to be conned by a savage. An example would be a female Savage entertaining a conversation with a square for her personal gain. She wants the mark to pay for her drinks. The square doesn't recognize that he's getting "gamed-up" and pays for all of her drinks. Once she's buzzed, she ends the conversation with the mark and drives over to a Savages house for a nitecap. The square loses again to the Savage. This tough for the square's psyche and plunges him deeper into squareitis.

The first case is squairitis was seen with Adam and Eve. See Adam was a square and Eve gamed him up. Resulting in Adam's punk ass fucking up the world. On April 4, 1973, perhaps the greatest savage of all time Max Julien noted that there seems to be a relationship with the chances of acquiring squaritis with attaining certain levels of fame. His words made sense then and still today. John Lennon was a square and Yoko Ono was Savage enough to game up Lennon's square ass to leave The Beatles. Further examples include Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Tom Cruise, Drake, Kris Humphries, and Robert Pattinson.

How ever simple cases of the disease can be cured. The key element is to make people forget the square was once a square. This can be done by doing the following:

1. Winning a championship of any sort. This fools the general public into forgetting prior square like behavior.

2. Release an amazing album. Refer to tip 1 for explanation.

3. Date out of your league.

4. Get your credentials up. The more letters behind your name the more people will forget.

5. Learn from previous mistakes, and start practicing squareitis prevention.

6.Educate yourself. Read "Pimp" by Iceberg Slim and "48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene

Notable survivors include by examples shown above Kobe Bryant/Tiger Woods, Justin Timberlake, Seal, Shaq, Mike Tyson.

Some people are immune to this infectious disease for obvious reasons. Their immune systems fights off invading squarish cells with the most Savage antibodies before they can do anything. This immunity was first exhibited many generations ago when the potentially greatest female Savage Cleopatra, macked on Julius Ceaser, Mark Antony, and other influential men of power. Charlie Sheen, John Mayer, Juicy J, Jay-Z, Matt Kemp, Brad Pitt, and Billy Bob Thorton all share the same immune characteristics that Cleopatra displayed.

Since we all aren't born with squairitis immunity, we have to take steps to prevent this sickness.Following these easy steps can save you from contracting this most deadly disease.

1. Read the person talking to you. Are they attempting to "game up" on you. If what they're saying is too good to be true, chances are it is.

2. Never be on the losing end of a public dispute.

3. Never get involved in a public dispute over a mark.

4. Always maintain control of ANY situation.Remember marks do what you'll let them get away with my brothers.

So remember only you can prevent squaritis.


Gamed Up \ˈgām-ˈed ˈəp\: (v; adv): to get manipulated or conned verbally by a fellow Savage. Common occurrence for squares.

Out of pocket \ˈau̇t ˈəv ˈpä-kət\:(v; adv): a mark acting in an unacceptable manner, this includes talking disrespectfully, not following directions; violating the rules and or regulations laid out by the controlling member of a relationship; to be out of control; not a normal occurrence for a savage bc a savage always maintains control. Usually results in a disciplinary action handed down by the savage.

Squaritis \ˈskwer-ˈīt-əs\ :(n): According to WebSavageMD Squaritis is defined as an infection of the psyche. Symptoms differ but normally include shortness of women, lack of control, lack of confidence, tricking, growing an emotional attachment to promiscuous women, chills and fever, Unrecoverable cases are characterized by public displays of square behavior, wifeing known promiscuous women, and marks publicly acting out of pocket.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lesson 1: Be the oasis.

Sitting on my patio reflecting on squares. For those of you who don't know the square is a person who is regarded as a push over, lacks a backbone and gets no respect.As much as we hate them they play important part in the art we call savaging. Savaging is maintaining control of situations at all times and abiding by a strict set of rules and regulations created by Savage forefathers. Those who partake in this ideology are referred to as savages. Savages are also the undefeated victor in the struggle against the square.

These squares outnumber us Savages on an average about 15 to 1. Marks, a Savage's target, have to deal with 15 squares before they get to 1 savage. This makes our job easier in mackin' on the mark because she isn't used to dealing with a savage.

The social landscape is a desert. Squares are sun and heat, all of the elements that make the desert an uncomfortable terrain. Savages are that oasis of water in the desert that replenishes the soul.Take these lessons and become that oasis.



Mark \ˈmärk\; (n; adj): A Savage's target. One that is easily scammed or manipulated for the Savage's personal gain or enjoyment pleasure.

Savaging \ˈsa-vij-iŋ\; (adj): 1.The art of maintaining control of situations at all times and abiding by a strict set of rules and regulations created by Savage forefathers;attaining what one wants out of the opposite sex by utilizing little to no resources 2.The act of ripping something to pieces (fornication)

Square \ˈskwer\; (n; adj): A person who is regarded as a push over; lacks a backbone and gets no respect. One who is out of touch with general knowledge of savagery.The antithesis of savage. The female species often tricks itself into going for squares

Required Listening: